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July 2008

A Must Have Dell’s Vostro 2510

by Stephen on July 31, 2008

Dell Vostro 2510

Vostro 2510 is thin and light for travel convenience and is technology wrapped in an attractive red exterior. It is equipped with High-performance graphics: 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS, Intel Centrino 2 processor, 2 GB DDR extensible to 4 GB, 160 GB HDD, and Blu-Ray optical. Vostro also comes with CoolSliceTM , a patented technology that deflects heat from the bottom of your system. Price starts at $899. [Dell]

Energy Efficient Sony Vaio Z Series

by Stephen on July 30, 2008


The latest Sony notebook that will arrive this summer will be the first to employ “hybrid graphics”. It will intelligently switch between using Nvidia and Intel on-board GPU. When laptop is plugged in, power hungry high performance Nvidia /ATI will be used, and Intel 4500 series integrated graphics when laptop is on battery. The 13-inch Sony Vaio Z570, will use an Intel P9500 (2.53GHz) processor that has power envelope of only 25 watts compared with the 35 watts used by the current Intel Mobile processor. The laptop also comes with 320GB hard disk drive, 3GB of DDR3 RAM, built in Wi-Fi and EVDO, all accessible through 13.1-inch screen. The Z570 only weighs 3.3 pounds making it practical to carry everywhere. Price has not been confirmed, but it will be in the range of $2,500 to $3,500 for Blu-Ray equipped model. [SONY]


Carapelli, a taiwanese manufacturer is offering what claimed to be the cheapest laptop in the world, at a mere $130. It is powered by 400 MHz MIPS CPU with 128 MB RAM and internal 1 GB Flash Memory. It runs on Linux Operating System. It comes with basic functions such as Word, Excel, Media player and Internet Explorer, plus flash viewer and drawpad- similar to MS paint. It also has built in Wi-Fi and Connectors: SD Card Slot, VGA Port, USB x 3, Mini USB, Microphone and Earphone Jack. [Alibaba]

Kensington Combosaver Notebook Lock

by Stephen on July 30, 2008


The lock will protect your notebook from theft wherever you go. It comes with 10,000 personalized combination codes. The retractable, self-coiling cable extends from 3-in to 6-ft, ensuring the notebooks securely anchored to table or other firm structures. In the case you forgot the combo, online registration makes it easy to retrieve lost combination. But it only works with Kensington security slot comes with the notebooks. [Kensington]

The Targus Zip-Thru 15.4″ Case

by Stephen on July 29, 2008


The case splits wide open, allowing a full top-down view of the laptop as it’s scanned, making it unnecessary to unpack and repack. Designed to fit 15.4″ widescreen laptops and weighing just 3.74 pounds with Air Cushion System ensures lightweight and help prevent drop damage. There is a dedicated file section to keep items like paper, pen, clip and card holder organized. It also comes with shoulder strap with non-slip coating to keep the pad in place on your shoulder. Excellent for regular flyers who expects frequent security checks. Selling at $99.99. [Targus]

Belkin CushTop Hideaway

by Stephen on July 29, 2008


Belkin’s new CushTop Hideaway protects your lap from a hot computer. Designed for comfortable laptop use on the couch, bed, or floor. It stores power supply inside and is made of durable microfiber. Available in October 2008 in the US with launches in Europe, Asia, and Australia to follow. CushTop Hideaway is selling for $39.99. [Belkin]

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