Apple MacBook And MacBook Pro Updated

by Johan on November 1, 2007

Apple MacBook And MacBook Pro Updated

Apple has quietly updated its MacBook tonight to the Santa Rosa architecture with the GMA X3100 integrated video. These new MacBooks adopt the Santa Rosa chipset that offers a faster 800MHz front side bus over the previous MacBook models. The introduction of the GMA X3100 video card also provides significant benefits over the previous models.

White 13.3 inch

  • $1099.00 2.0GHz/1GB RAM/80GB/Combo/GMA X3100
  • $1299.00 2.2GHz/1GB RAM/120GB/SD-DL/GMA X3100

Black 13.3 inch

  • $1499.00 2.2GHz/1GB RAM/160GB/SD-DL/GMA X3100

The MacBook Pro users now have the option to upgrade to a 2.6GHz processor for $250, and also has the option for a 250GB drive.


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