CES 2007 – OLPC Video Preview

by Johan on January 10, 2007

CES 2007 - OLPC Video Preview

Our friends at Engadget show us a hands-on preview of the OLPC from CES 2007. Just to refresh our mind, the OLPC is powered by a 500Mhz Processor, Linux OS, 1GB Memory, and a Two-Mode Display (Color and B&W). Video after the jump!

Nick Negroponte’s OLPC made an appearance at CES, in partner Marvell’s booth. Marvell supplies the 802.11 b/g chipset, as well as a chipset made exclusively for mesh networking. Fortunately for us (but unfortunately for Marvell) we all know why everyone showed up, and it definitely wasn’t for ICs. Take a look up top, or download at the bottom.

Via Engadget

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