Fujitsu U810 Ultra Mobile PC

by Johan on August 16, 2007

Fujitsu U810 Ultra Mobile PC

Fujitsu has developed a palm-sized computer called the U810 (or U1010). This UMPC can be docked into a docking station with an external display and keyboard to get a true desktop experience. The U810 adopts an Intel A110 processor and provides an LCD screen with 1024×600 resolution, Intel TBD video graphics, 945GU Express chipset, and 1GB DDR2 RAM. Other features include a 1.8-inch 4200rpm hard drive, a/b/g wireless, Bluetooth, fingerprint reader, QWERTY keyboard, webcam, and Windows Vista operating system. It will be available from September with a starting price of $1000.

Link via The Gadget Blog

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