Getac V100 Tablet PC With Multitouch Display

by Johan on October 8, 2009

Getac V100 Tablet PC With Multitouch Display

Rugged PCs manufacturer Getac today introduced their latest tough tablet PC in the form of the Getac V100. The tablet features a resistive multitouch display, which means users can use the touchscreen with gloves, unlike devices like the iPhone which use a capacitive touchscreen. This makes it ideal for industrial and field professionals who work with dangerous chemicals or perform their job in extreme weather conditions. Even with gloves, the sensitivity and accuracy of the multi-touch screen is extremely high. The screen features 2048×2048 resolution, 100 points per second report rate, and less than 35ms response time. Getac’s Multi-Touch technology will also offer complete compatibility with Microsoft’s Windows 7. The Getac V100 Tablet PC will be released later his month. No word on pricing so far. [Getac]

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