KT Launches World’s First WiBro-enabled Laptop

by Johan on November 15, 2006

KT Launches World's First WiBro-enabled Laptop

Korea Telecom (KT) has a surprised for Korean. They introduced what it claims to be the world’s first WiBro-enabled laptop. This 1.89 kg laptop is actually an upgrade of the highly acclaimed NT-Q35 adding WiBro capability and other multimedia features. As we know, the high speed WiBRO allows users to enjoy various services and makes extra WiBro SIM card superfluous. In addition it includes WLAN and DMB capability that opens new possibility to a sort of ‘convergence’ service for WiBro-DMB. Other feature include Core Duo or Core 2 Duo processor, up to 1GB of RAM, and an 80GB HDD. KT will also launch various portable WiBro-enabled devices in the future like UMPC, tablet pc, PMP, and DBDM. Sadly, the laptop seems to be heading Korea only and should have price tags between US$1700 to US$2200. What a lucky Korean!

Via Aving USA.

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