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Kensington Laptop Locking Station

by Johan on July 28, 2010

Kensington Laptop Locking Station

Kensington comes back with their latest product that will prevent your laptop from being stolen. The new Kensington Laptop Locking Station will keep your laptop firmly locked in place. It has a steel backbone and deflector plates to prevent cutting or prying. While the contraption keeps your portable safe and secure, you can still rotate, slide, and tilt it to access the laptop’s ports or adjust the viewing angle. This locking station is compatible with laptop sizes from 13.3-inch to 17-inch. The Kensington Laptop Locking Station is currently up for pre-order at $80 a pop. Video after the jump. Read more

Huntkey Enterprise Group today launched the latest 90W Slim Universal Notebook Adapter, which specially targets fashionable and business people or traveler groups. Measuring 14.5cm x 7.15cm x 1.6cm, the device features an adjustable voltage function, a 5V USB charger function and a universal compatibility function. This slim universal notebook adapter can match most brand notebook on the market including Acer, Averatec, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, Thinkpad, NEC, Sharp, etc. What’s more, its +5V USB charger function could charge digital devices at anywhere and anytime such as digital cameras, MP3 players, MP4s, mobile phones, PDAs, etc. No word on pricing at this time. [Press Release]

OWC Data Doubler For MacBooks

by Johan on June 25, 2010

If you are unsatisfied with your MacBook’s storage space, then you can use the OWC Data Doubler to add more storage capacity. The device is a bracket that replaces the optical drive with a SSD or HDD. Any drive 9.5mm tall can be used in the bracket. OWC Data Doubler makes it easy to custom design how you want your internal storage to perform. Installed drives are recognized like any other high speed SATA storage device and can be setup and partitioned using the Apple Disk Utility Program. [OWC]

Green-House's Latest Notebook Cooling Pads

If you want to buy a new laptop cooling pad to keep your laptop chilled during hot summer, then check out the latest laptop cooling pads from Green-House of Japan. This laptop accessory is currently available for 13-inch (GH-PCF2AK) and 15-inch (GH-PCF3AK) laptops. The Green-House GH-PCF*AK draws its power from your laptop’s USB port, so it will also decrease your laptop’s battery life. No info on pricing so far. [Green-House]

Notebook Management Centre

by Johan on May 4, 2010

Notebook Management Centre

The Notebook Management Centre consists of a laptop cooling fan, four USB ports, a set of PC speakers, an LED light and a handy fold-up form factor. Priced at just $9 each, this product is suitable for different size notebook. [Product Page via RedFerret]

Soyntec Wiffinder 310 Laptop Backpack

by Johan on March 31, 2010

The Wiffinder 310 backpack from Soyntec is capable of detecting a Wi-Fi network, saving you the trouble of unpacking your laptop to find out whether there is a signal in the immediate area or not. The backpack has a display that shows the Wi-Fi signal’s strength. Designed to take your laptop up to 15.6-inch, the Wiffinder 310 also has an integrated clock, an adjustable strap shoulder and several accessories compartments. You can purchase this backpack for 34.40 Euros ($46). [Product Page]

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