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Gigabyte W251U, W466U, W468N and W566N Notebooks

Gigabyte is ready to launch five laptops at CeBit (March 15). They are using an Intel’s Merom-specific mobile platform and feature a powerful 10,000 mAH eight-hour of battery life.

…the W251U has a 12.1-inch screen and a built-in webcam, the W466U comes with a 14inch display, the W468N provides with a 256MB NVIDIA NB8P graphic card and Robson quick-boot technology. This one is a 14 incher as well. The W566N just has a 15.4 inch screen with with Dual-Heatpipe cooling and finally the 17” marvel, the W756N is a gamer’s haven with 1GB dedicated graphics.

Pricing and availability have not been announced yet.

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