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Upcoming Intel Oak Trail Z670 Tablets

by Johan on February 2, 2011

Word has it that Intel’s Oak Trail-based Atom Z760 tablets will be arrived in March this year. For your info, the Intel Atom Z670 is a single core processor, running at 1.5GHz with a 3W TDP. Samsung’s Slide PC 7 is one of these hybrid tablets, which are expected to arrive in March. Other tablets with this processor are Fujitsu’s Stylistic Q550, the Motion CL900, a refreshed ExoPC, Viliv X70, Ocosmos OCS1 and Lenovo’s IdeaPad Slate. Stay tuned for more updates. [NetbookNews]

Intel has finally confirmed the availability of the Atom N570 processor. Clocked at 1.66GHz, this new processor will be used by major netbook brands such as Lenovo, ASUS and Samsung. Intel will launch the Atom N570 in February 2011. Unfortunately, there is no further info about this processor. We will keep you posted. [NetbookNews]

Intel Atom N450 Pricing Unveiled

by Johan on August 7, 2009

Intel Atom N450 Pricing Unveiled

Intel is scheduled to launch a new Atom N450 processor later this year or early next year. According to rumors, the new chip will be priced at about $64, or $20 more than the Intel Atom N270, which sells for $44 today. The Intel Atom N450 will still be much cheaper than most other current generation Intel processors. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation from Intel. We will keep you posted. [Liliputing]

Four New Intel's ULV CPUs For Ultra-thin Laptops

Intel Corporation today introduced four new Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) processors for ultra-thin laptops in South Korea. These processors will enable laptop manufacturer to create less than ultra-thin laptops with more affordable price points. Intel’s ULV CPUs allow users to choose their wireless options by adding embedded WiMAX or Intel My WiFi Technology to their laptops. High-speed broadband WiMAX networks allow users to use 4G wireless internet with an entire city as their own hotspot. Meanwhile, My WiFi Technology will transform a laptop into a WiFi personal area network, connecting directly with up to eight WiFi certified devices sans wires. These Intel-ULV-powered laptops will be released in the South Korean market in August from Samsung, LG and TG Sambo. Read more

Classmate PC Netvertible Tablet From Intel

by Martin Lee on December 16, 2008

Classmate PC Netvertible Tablet From Intel

This Convertible Classmate PC is meant for children and isn’t a netbook that adults will want to use. It’ll come packing a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 CPU, a 60GB HDD and Windows XP OS. This Intel’s 8.9-inch convertible Classmate PC will be delivered by intel at CES 2009. No words on pricing yet. [Laptopmag]

Intel Quadcore X9300 for Laptops

by Stephen on July 23, 2008


X9300 will be part of Intel Extreme series of mobile processors. It will have half the power envelope of Q9550. To date, Falcon Northwest, an enthusiast PC maker has used desktop Q9550 quad core chip for their laptops, but these laptops weigh as heavy as twelve pounds, and consume much electricity. X9300 will roll in August. [CNET]

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