LG Xnote P510 Notebook

by Isaiah on February 12, 2009

LG Xnote P510 Notebook

LG has rolled out its new high-end notebook ‘LG Xnote P510’ series, that comes in three different models including; the P510-UP98K, P510-UP95K and P510-UP88K. Here are the specs: a 15.4-inch LCD display with LED backlight, Nvidia’s new GeForce GT 130M graphics with 512MB memory, 2GB or 4GB of RAM, and your choice of three suitably high-end Core 2 Duo processors, not to mention both a 64GB SSD drive and 500GB hard drive on the top-end P510-UP98K model. No word on pricing and release dates yet. [Slashgear]

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