Microsoft Windows 8 New slate PC

by Stephen on December 13, 2010

Microsoft’s preparing on how to target iPad with the help of Samsung and Dell after a one year absence on tablet PC market. One of the demos being showed was a new sliding keyboard by Samsung which is a totally different device than Samsung Galaxy tab with its 10.1 inches Gloria. The Samsung tablet will run on a Software layer when it’s on portrait mode and when the keyboard is not sliding out. Microsoft also said that it’s going to be running on a central application instead of having a partner companies building a HTML-5 web based application. So far the rumor tells that this device will still be running on Windows 7 even though the rumors of Microsoft Windows 8 are already in the air. This product will be launched somewhere in the middle of 2011 along with the Microsoft’s Windows 8. This product surely will bring the competition up and about for tablet PC in the near future. [New York Times]

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