MSI Wind U270 And X-Slim X370 Laptops

by Johan on February 10, 2011

MSI has unveiled the MSI Wind U270 (12-inch) and X-Slim X370 (13.4-inch) laptops that are based on AMD Fusion platform. Both laptops are powered by a dual core E-350 processor and an AMD Radeon HD 6310 discrete graphics that supports DirectX 11. The MSI Wind U270 features a 12-inch 16:9 ratio display, 720p HD webcam and USB 3.0 port. The laptop also supports the company’s ECO power-saving design, allowing the battery to last more than twice as long as those in conventional notebooks. The 13-inch MSI X-Slim X370 is a super slim laptop that weights at just 1.4 Kgs. Too bad, there is no further info about this model.


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