Q1P – The First Vista-certified UMPC From Samsung

by Johan on March 16, 2007

Samsung Q1P - Vista-certified UMPC

Samsung Q1P UMPC is the first UMPC from Samsung that comes equipped with Windows Vista certification. Priced at $1,299, the gadget is using an Intel Pentium processor running at 1GHz, a 60GB hard drive, and 1GB of RAM. Additional features of the 1.7 pound UMPC include a 7 inch widescreen LCD touch display, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Sadly, its battery provides only 2.5 hours of battery life.

It is simple for anyone on the go to stay connected, entertained and informed with the full power of a PC packed into a tiny 1.7-pound product. The Q1 models also offer wireless communication capabilities that include WiFi and Bluetooth for easy Internet access. All Q1 models also integrate the AVS Now feature, allowing users to enjoy a host of multimedia applications, including video, movies, music and still photos, without booting up Windows.

Via eHomeUpgrade

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