Seamless WiFi S-XGen Ultra-Mobile PC

by Mr. Roboto on January 6, 2007

Seamless Wifi S-XGen Ultra-Mobile PC

The fold-out keyboard really makes the Seamless WiFi S-XGen UMPC something special. The S-XGen features a 520MHz Intel Xscale processor, 4-inch screen, 128MB SDRAM, 20GB HDD, 802.11b Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. At $1400, the S-XGen runs on Windows CE 5.0 and comes equipped with Microsoft Office Mobile Suite, so it might not have the same operating system as competing UMPC’s (Windows XP Tablet PC Edition) but the fold-out keyboard and its connectivity options gives it an edge.

Via TechEBlog

Seamless Wifi S-XGen Ultra-Mobile PC

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