Wibrain Unveils New HSDPA-Ready UMPC i1

by Stephen on August 22, 2008

Wibrain i1 Atom/HSDPA/SSD UMPC

Wibrain unveiled its new UMPC ‘i1’ that will feature variants of Silverthorne Atom processor (1.1Ghz CPU and a 1.3Ghz version) and a built-in HSDPA module. It will be available with optional 30GB, and 60GB drive, and also SSD memory up to 64GB! The Wibrain touchpad is known for its exceptional split keyboard that offers quick URL and password entry. Wibrain claims it has 6-hour browsing time on the standard battery. Expected to hit retail in October. Price is still TBD. [UMPCPortal]

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